Posted by on November 20, 2008

What is destiny without time?
What is time without destiny?
if time were to stop,
would we all be free
to do as we please?
or would we be frozen
for all eternity?

time, its a funny beast
it keeps running and running
never looks back, running endlessly
what could it possibly fear?
it has no predator, we are all its prey
Is it scared of its own sphere?

time, its a funny beast
it controls both you and me
never looks back, running endlessly
is unforgiving, of our mistakes
it preys upon and digs for us
our very own graves

time, its a funny beast
never lets us be free
never looks back, running endlessly
confined to its chambers, we live our lives
set into life’s motions, with one thing in mind
awaiting death like hopeful midwives

imagine, if we could control time
imagine, if we could be free
what if time were the key
that allows us to open our sphere
the sphere that runs this world irrevocably

ah, but the question is how to control time?
maybe the answer is this moment
when we realize time controls our lives
you see, time is like us
we are both running endlessly, we both meet an end
time also awaits death, it is no different
and if we are no different, then we are one and the same
if we’re one and the same, then we’ve won this game

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