Your Love

Posted by on July 12, 2011

The sun will one day burn out
The leaves will one day fall
The wind will one day still
Your light will still burn
Your love will still blow

The friends will one day betray
The parents will one day depart
The siblings will one day rival
You will still befriend
You will still love

Many will shamelessly curse your Name
Many will blind the eye to your Beauty
Many will deafen the ear to your Melody
You will still provide
You will still love

Such is your Magnificence
Such is your Name
Such is your Love
You will always be True
You will always Love

A few count their blessings
A few remember your Name
A few appreciate your Love
You will always be their Shelter
You will always be their Love

A few have realized You
A few have truly loved You
A few have been graced by You
O so, so, so Beautiful are You
So Beautiful is Your Name
So Beautiful are those who’ve felt You
So Beautiful is all that resides within You
Your Beauty will always Shine
Your Melody will always Chime

Remebering Your Name, your seeker finds eternal love
Remembering Your Name, your seeker finds true love
Remebering Your Name, your seeker finds Your Love
Day and Night, Night and Day, the blessed Sing Your Praises
In their Daylight, In their Nightlight, will shine One Light

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