Wake Up Call

Posted by on July 12, 2011

Now im lookin at this world and when I look at a turban
All I see is Ego flowin through his blood of bourbon
A crown that once was used to identify its Singhs
Is now roamin the streets used to find all the whimps
You can shoot at or burn their Guru now
Like the animals they are, they’ll just bow
People just go do what you please, and don’t worry for your lives
O Hell! Like cowards they’ll let you rape their mothers, sisters, and wives

The gates are open, the wall have been broken
Its time to charge in and of these people make a token
Let these dogs see the consequences of messing with a Brahmin
Time to loot, pillage, and finish their Spirit like a breeze of wind

Undisciplined they no longer follow their teachings
They’ve been sucked into our society, made it easy for leechings
Send in a couple of Brahmins dressed up as Granthis
Like insipid beings they’ll bow on their knees

Yes, today I am calling all you Singhs and Kaurs out
Please come, and on top of your lungs do shout
But, before you scream at the top of your lungs
before ya’ll get ready to pull out all of your guns
Take a second to first look inside yourselves
Reality is you’ve become the Guru’s little diseased elves

You tell me how is the Disease now to be cleaned?
If we’ve become what the Guru’s tried to remedy
O my Singhs and Kaurs, please wake up before it is too late
Stop being runned by sins, and being the devil’s date
Else a religion on its way out is to be our fate

So my brothers I ask you to put aside the glasses of bourbon
And make a new style and put some meaning to your turban
With each lur now that on your pugh you lay
Be inspired by the image you portray

You are the walking image of your lord and Guru
Everything inside you guaranteed Divine and True
Realize your potential and set your soul free
Let the wind of Destiny carry you in its breeze

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