Perfect Service

Posted by on July 12, 2011

Our duty is to turn the wrong to right
Through our righteous living others come to see the Light
We are not the judges of right or wrong
We are but servants to whom all Creation Belongs
Our Master commands us to speak the Truth, and so we speak it
Our Master commands us to stand up for Justice, and so we stand up for it
But never in our Service do we make enemies
Never do we let our minds so believe
For the Master resides in every Being
Thus none could be our enemy
All smelt and seen is in His Beauty
All heard and spoken is in His melody
In all of us resides the Divinity of the Almighty
O beautiful mind, never let yourself thus believe
That another Being is your enemy
Never see others in such a light
For, such an act would be an evil blight
You are not a coward in the fight
When you live as the Light
And show the rest the path which is Right
You do not dash the cup from the perjured lip
Rather you turn every poisonous bit
Into Your Guru’s Precious Amrit
And fill it to the very tip
Let then that Being drink and drink
So that Soul shall never in this World Ocean sink
Do not become the judge of right or wrong
Strive to be a Perfect Servant to whom we all Belong
O beautiful Soul, by doing so you may become One
With whom you have so madly fallen in Love

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