Posted by on July 12, 2011

I walk down this endless road
Lost on a path I thought I had always known
Find myself in a city of lost souls
No companion, no one there to give me hope

Hope sounds like a dream that once used to be
Now fading away into the empty streets
Traffic of my mind is my life’s beat
Seeing all this junk, life seems obsolete

To the Heavens above I yell and scream
Save me, save me and I continue to dream
Hoping Heaven’s arms will come grab me in my sleep
O Lord, save me from this life of hell, I plea

I gain consciousness; I feel a deep pang within
Feel my body and soul shaking and trembling
Like I’ve lost something that was in my hands grasp and given
What is taking so long, o so long, beloved Heaven?

I wander around this city; I catch a glimpse
There afar shining, gleaming, brightly in the distance
Alas, I’ve become weary, yet something pulls me yonder
Maybe hope rekindling, even if for an instant my mind ponders

Yet again, doubts slowly enter my mind
Am I doing the right thing by trying?
Have done this many a times before
Got nothing but broken dreams and hopes

The path is tough, I am fatigued
But something tells me to keep going
And so I trek, and trek deep
Slowly slowly hope’s rekindling

The road is hilly; I see
Ups and downs, Bends and cracks
Thorn beds and poisonous mushrooms
Everything there to make me turn back

But this Light in the distance is too intense
Brain says there’s no logic in this, it makes no sense
Somehow this Light is making everything inside me bend
Bending my hopes in such a way that I cant comprehend

My hope now has become too strong
Mind now says, in dying trying, there’s nothing wrong
Even if Heaven doesn’t accept me with open arms
At least I wasn’t trapped in Hell’s palms

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