Posted by on November 17, 2008

life is too short
so go take the stock
quit trying to appraise
let your mind let loose
loosen all the chains
free fall into mystery
and when you’re done
don’t forget to raise

the mystics, the mistricks
the chicks, the flicks
misfits for life
its all about the game
thats in the frame
it frames you into strife
always looking without
gets harder to look within;
so on the boat of time
and in an ocean of opportunity
gone, wasted is your life

when the chips start falling
then remember joyous yesterdays
the days that you couldn’t praise
then, put on a different lens
look from another horizon
and take a second to pray
its not for other people,
not to a god,
and definitely for you
pray for a miracle,
for a second chance
this life, my friend
only once is it true
when you begin to see the leaves falling
and the beards turning shades of gray
and the branches beginning to tumble
take a grip onto the nearest roots
let them humbly help you find you

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