Posted by on June 29, 2009
I must surrender my mind
To this difficult night
Please grant me serenity
O dear mother
It does get cold in here at times

I feel the pain of their graves
Lying here awake
Pour into my heart love
O dear mother
I hear the nightingale at their wake

I saw a dove eat the eagle
Seemingly surreal
Pour into my heart courage
O dear mother
Sometimes unconventional is the only way

Forgive us for what we do
Forsaking humanity
Pour into our hearts responsibility
O dear mother
Force us to hear the screams of the innocent

Living is the unhallowed grounds
Speaking in death
Pour into my heart determination
O dear mother
To never understand its speech
This world I live in is that place
Of deathly speech
Pour into my heart fearlessness
O dear mother
I may weather the storm of apathy

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