Will You Be My lover?

Posted by on July 12, 2011

I close my eyes and remember a time
When there it lay, it lay
Unopened, unlocked, too good to be true
In my bed, there it lay
In my hands, there it lay
In my soul, there it lay
The perfect Love for which I endlessly prayed
Sweet, beautiful, ever so elegant, there it lay

In a sea of roses we once played
Mountains of gold, we saw pass away
Rolling down this valley, we were
We were so lost, lost in lovable embrace

And just like it came
It started to roll away
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be
Just like any joy ride,
Following joy is always misery

And so I inevitably, unforgivably
Hit a bump, and we began to drift
I lied, and I cheated
And what was once so perfect
From my hands started to slip
On a slippery slope of fate, it slid

Through sad eyes, and painful tears I see
In the arms of cunning mistresses, I’ve laid
In the beds of temptress beauties, I’ve laid
I’ve crossed all lines of what’s moral
I’ve been in bed with devil’s bouquet
Something in me yet dares to say
Will you still be my lover?

Now, having seen beauties of all array
I am forced to fall on my feet
Hang my head down in dismay
How could I have strayed?
Nothing more so perfect, had there lay
O there it had so elegantly lay

In rivers of shame has my soul bathe
Have come out cleansed, no longer desire’s prey
Had I not continuously failed, would I?
Realize the perfection in our lovable embrace

Wanting to show you I’ve fixed my ways
Realized how perfect you are; I was devil’s prey
Love for you flowing through my veins
I beg on my knees and say
Will you be my lover?

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