Posted by on July 12, 2011

This life I’m living is an endless road
road of choices, good or bad
its what you made of them
not what you could’ve or would’ve had
a hilly road, with its ups and downs
with its bends and cracks
endlessly going on and around
till you suddenly drop
there was never a dead end
it just stopped
led a life
made some choices
made your heavenly hell
never looked back
never stopped to wonder why
one day the road suddenly fell
could of done this like that or that like this
in the end it doesn’t matter
just wasted a life put on a platter
and second chance is a dream we all dream
reality hits when we all look inside and see
life we lived was a hollow cone with cream filling
so don’t let time fly out the window
because it never comes back once it goes
o foolish mind, realize this is your one chance to glow

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