A Puppet’s Plea

Posted by on July 12, 2011
You are the all powerful puppeteer
I am the unfinished, aging puppet
Fix me!
I beg of you my master; fix me to your liking
I yearn to be real, I yearn to be full
I hear your melody
I see your beauty
My master, I have no feet
Please cleanse me of this rust
Make me complete
Fill me with your magnificence
So I may dance to your melody
Fill me with your love
So I may see you all around me
Grace me
Beloved master, please Grace me with your touch
Because nothing would be so sweet
So as to dance to rhythm of your beat
You are the epitome of beauty
You are the epitome of magnificence
Your love, unparalleled
Your greatness, immeasurable
I just wish to be your puppet
Make dance me as you please
The feet are yours
The eyes are yours
The body is yours
The earth beneath is yours
All is you, nothing mine
Complete me!  Complete me, O my Master!  Complete me
This is your unfinished puppet’s sincere plea

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