Aristotle’s Categories

Posted by on July 11, 2011

Substance, according to Aristotle, is the highest Category as it can be stated independently of any other type of thing, such as color, place, etc.  Substance is divided into two further categories, primary and secondary.  The primary substance in reference to me would be Izhaarbir, and secondary substance being human.  Other categories that apply to me are as follows:

Quantity: I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and approximately 90 cm3 voluminous.

Quality: My skin color is somewhere between white and brow, most probably tan.  I am considered intelligent according to some standards, and slow in others.

Relation: I am larger than a pea, but definitely more than ten times smaller than a Red Oak tree.

Where: I am located in my home in the Northwest region of Houston, Texas, United States

When: I was born on July 27th. I will be graduating from undergraduate studies in the Fall of 2010.

Being arranged: I am currently sitting on a chair.

Having on: I have on me a kurta pajama which is a traditional Indian clothing, along with normal male undergarments. Underneath the kurta (a long shirt) I am armed with a kirpan (normally a short sword, but in the United States its more of a dagger) which is a Sikh religious article of faith.

Doing: I am currently writing this paper through the use of my fingers on a keyboard.

Being affected:  I am being affected by some bacterial germs which are causing my allergies to act up. It may have something to do with my body staying up later than it should writing.

These are just some of the categories which Aristotle talks about that may apply to me as a substance.  Interestingly Aristotle believes that substances can be independent of their qualities but not vice-versa. Something that might contradict this claim may be morality, if it can be considered a quality of a substance such as a human.

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