Aristotle’s 4 causes

Posted by on July 11, 2011

This is an attempt to understand and apply the four causes as described by Aristotle.

4 causes:

  1. That from which something comes is its cause. Ex: sculpture made from stone.
  2. That, which is its pattern, is its cause.  A cube is a pattern of 2:2:2
  3. That which is immediately responsible for a change that happens, is its cause. Ex: tripping on the stairs is the cause of getting hurt.
  4. That which is its purpose, is its cause.  Ex: Exercising is done to be healthy; health is the cause of exercise.

Looking at 3 distinct things and applying the 4 causes to them:

  1. Make-up
    1. A coloring agent and a carrier synthesized together are the cause of make-up.
    2. Idolized forms of “perfection” lead to the development and variety of make-up.
    3. The reactions of varying chemicals cause the colors and texture of make-up. They are the immediate cause of what makes make-up.
    4. Varying facial features are the cause of makeup because it is applied to create a common appearance of varying features.
    5. House
      1. Wood and bricks used to create the house are its cause.
      2. The blueprint of the home used to construct it is its cause.
      3. The construction workers that worked on the house are its cause.
      4. A suitable place for humans to live is its cause. A house is created so that humans can live in it.
      5. Camera
        1. Metal pieces of varying types and glass are used to create a camera.
        2. Images of human beings are the cause of cameras, because cameras are created to create their still images.  The essence or pattern of a human being’s physical form is what inspires the use of a camera to capture the image of a human being.
        3. The company or factory that made the camera is the cause of the camera, because they are the immediate cause of the change in materials into the camera that is created.
        4. A camera is used to photograph a moment in time, special moments in time call for a camera.  The need to capture special moments in time is the cause of the camera.

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