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Christianity and Ethics

In thinking about Christian ethics, the first necessity that arises is to develop an understanding of the terms Christian and ethics.  Professor Mitchell provides a great example of ethics when he states that “ethics basically is an intellectual activity in which you are examining the bases and justifications of your moral activity.”  Morality is what … Continue reading »

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Christian Love and Christian Virtue

When understanding Christian virtue, one must take into account that “the source of [Christian] ethics is the character of God” and that this character of God is realized through the life of Jesus Christ. (Mitchell)  If virtue is understood as “a way of describing character,” then Christian virtues are descriptions of the character of Jesus … Continue reading »

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Christian Ethics in the 20th Century

Professor Mitchell states in his lecture that “Christian ethics cannot hang loosely to the Bible” because it is a religious ethics and therefore “it must always go back to the Bible.”  Thus, Christian ethics can only be different to the extent that the interpretations of the Bible and the centrality of the Bible change over … Continue reading »

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Rationalism and Evangelicalism

Theological and philosophical views over time can usually be classified under either action or reaction.  Both rationalism and evangelicalism are reactions to certain prevalent thoughts of their time.  In this reflective paper I will be discussing the content of both of these ideologies, their formation, and what they reacted to. A very important and established … Continue reading »

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What is fiction?

The first essay…keep in mind I wrote this at 2am, and was due the same day, so if it doesn’t make sense blame the time… Fiction is a natural right. Fiction is a dream. Fiction is the natural right of every individual to dream. The culmination of our hopes, desires, and perception is fiction; it … Continue reading »

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