The Khalsa Tree

Posted by on October 21, 2010

An ocean of new life springs
as the brown leaves wither
away from the panjabi branch of
the Khalsa tree

The Guru’s blessing belongs
to the seed that waits,
is loving and giving like
the Gurmukh being

Abandoning their Hukam
they wither toward insignificance
like the old punjabi breed of
the Khalsa seed

Drifting towards idiocracies
losing their minds to rituals
they lose the principles of
the Khalsa spirit

Bowing heads blindly to the earth,
toward material and dead things
the foolish mind dies in
the Maya’s lap

Rarely does the Seeker find
More rarely does the Seeker win
the love and affection from
the Vaheguru’s esteem

Alas, the punjabi leaves have
withered into eternal decay
Yet the Khalsa lives through
the Guru’s Hukam

The Guru’s blessing, the Khalsa
is bestowed to lovers of freedom
and to the lovers of service
the Seekers of Truth

The blessing is no magic or mystery
yet it is magical in its nature
as the compromising traitors die as
the lynched souls

New life finds its way now
to the Khalsa tree of chardi-kala;
it grows as new branches full of
the Vaheguru’s color

2 Responses to The Khalsa Tree

  1. Nina

    Wow, that was really powerful. I love the fact that you touch on the hippocracy of most Sikhs. You really have a talent for poetry, I hope you go further with it.


    • izhaarbir

      Thank you bhenji, gur kirpa. Honestly, I have never known what to do to go further with my poetry. If you have suggestions that would be great.

      Also, I apologize but I think a comment you left on my blog earlier got deleted by accident. I am still getting used to this wordpress system, and for some reason after I accept a comment it sends me a notification that makes me think the comment is being duplicated and so I end up deleting it…

      – izhaarbir

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