Perfect Service

Our duty is to turn the wrong to right
Through our righteous living others come to see the Light
We are not the judges of right or wrong
We are but servants to whom all Creation Belongs
Our Master commands us to speak the Truth, and so we speak it
Our Master commands us to stand up for Justice, and so we stand up for it
But never in our Service do we make enemies
Never do we let our minds so believe
For the Master resides in every Being
Thus none could be our enemy
All smelt and seen is in His Beauty
All heard and spoken is in His melody
In all of us resides the Divinity of the Almighty
O beautiful mind, never let yourself thus believe
That another Being is your enemy
Never see others in such a light
For, such an act would be an evil blight
You are not a coward in the fight
When you live as the Light
And show the rest the path which is Right
You do not dash the cup from the perjured lip
Rather you turn every poisonous bit
Into Your Guru’s Precious Amrit
And fill it to the very tip
Let then that Being drink and drink
So that Soul shall never in this World Ocean sink
Do not become the judge of right or wrong
Strive to be a Perfect Servant to whom we all Belong
O beautiful Soul, by doing so you may become One
With whom you have so madly fallen in Love

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Wake Up Call

Now im lookin at this world and when I look at a turban
All I see is Ego flowin through his blood of bourbon
A crown that once was used to identify its Singhs
Is now roamin the streets used to find all the whimps
You can shoot at or burn their Guru now
Like the animals they are, they’ll just bow
People just go do what you please, and don’t worry for your lives
O Hell! Like cowards they’ll let you rape their mothers, sisters, and wives

The gates are open, the wall have been broken
Its time to charge in and of these people make a token
Let these dogs see the consequences of messing with a Brahmin
Time to loot, pillage, and finish their Spirit like a breeze of wind

Undisciplined they no longer follow their teachings
They’ve been sucked into our society, made it easy for leechings
Send in a couple of Brahmins dressed up as Granthis
Like insipid beings they’ll bow on their knees

Yes, today I am calling all you Singhs and Kaurs out
Please come, and on top of your lungs do shout
But, before you scream at the top of your lungs
before ya’ll get ready to pull out all of your guns
Take a second to first look inside yourselves
Reality is you’ve become the Guru’s little diseased elves

You tell me how is the Disease now to be cleaned?
If we’ve become what the Guru’s tried to remedy
O my Singhs and Kaurs, please wake up before it is too late
Stop being runned by sins, and being the devil’s date
Else a religion on its way out is to be our fate

So my brothers I ask you to put aside the glasses of bourbon
And make a new style and put some meaning to your turban
With each lur now that on your pugh you lay
Be inspired by the image you portray

You are the walking image of your lord and Guru
Everything inside you guaranteed Divine and True
Realize your potential and set your soul free
Let the wind of Destiny carry you in its breeze

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This life I’m living is an endless road
road of choices, good or bad
its what you made of them
not what you could’ve or would’ve had
a hilly road, with its ups and downs
with its bends and cracks
endlessly going on and around
till you suddenly drop
there was never a dead end
it just stopped
led a life
made some choices
made your heavenly hell
never looked back
never stopped to wonder why
one day the road suddenly fell
could of done this like that or that like this
in the end it doesn’t matter
just wasted a life put on a platter
and second chance is a dream we all dream
reality hits when we all look inside and see
life we lived was a hollow cone with cream filling
so don’t let time fly out the window
because it never comes back once it goes
o foolish mind, realize this is your one chance to glow

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I walk down this endless road
Lost on a path I thought I had always known
Find myself in a city of lost souls
No companion, no one there to give me hope

Hope sounds like a dream that once used to be
Now fading away into the empty streets
Traffic of my mind is my life’s beat
Seeing all this junk, life seems obsolete

To the Heavens above I yell and scream
Save me, save me and I continue to dream
Hoping Heaven’s arms will come grab me in my sleep
O Lord, save me from this life of hell, I plea

I gain consciousness; I feel a deep pang within
Feel my body and soul shaking and trembling
Like I’ve lost something that was in my hands grasp and given
What is taking so long, o so long, beloved Heaven?

I wander around this city; I catch a glimpse
There afar shining, gleaming, brightly in the distance
Alas, I’ve become weary, yet something pulls me yonder
Maybe hope rekindling, even if for an instant my mind ponders

Yet again, doubts slowly enter my mind
Am I doing the right thing by trying?
Have done this many a times before
Got nothing but broken dreams and hopes

The path is tough, I am fatigued
But something tells me to keep going
And so I trek, and trek deep
Slowly slowly hope’s rekindling

The road is hilly; I see
Ups and downs, Bends and cracks
Thorn beds and poisonous mushrooms
Everything there to make me turn back

But this Light in the distance is too intense
Brain says there’s no logic in this, it makes no sense
Somehow this Light is making everything inside me bend
Bending my hopes in such a way that I cant comprehend

My hope now has become too strong
Mind now says, in dying trying, there’s nothing wrong
Even if Heaven doesn’t accept me with open arms
At least I wasn’t trapped in Hell’s palms

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Beat of the Drum

Sitting, basking in the sun
Listening to the beat of the drum
Sweet passing of a windy breeze
Falling leaves of age old trees

Elsewhere on opposite side of the sun
Listening to the same beat of the drum
Sweet passing of a windy breeze
Falling bombs of flying beasts

Brown leaves
Dead bodies
All passing in a windy breeze
All listening to the same beat

Sunflowers and Sunshine
White flowers and Moonshine
All listening to the same hum
All beating to the same drum

Where ever I go
I hear the same drum
I feel the same windy breeze
It’s all in the same beat

Whether I look to the West
Whether I look to the East
It’s all in your Harmony
All I see is your Beauty
All I hear is your Melody

People fight over your Name
People fight over your Love
They’ve murdered your beautiful dove
Stopped hearing the beat of the drum

So, I cry, cry, and cry my soul to sleep
O beautiful dove, why do they butcher thee?
You weren’t meant to be a sweet delicacy
Please, you still heavily bleed;
Quickly, quickly, fly away, preserve your dignity

Fly back to the Master and for us do plea
This world is in dire need of saving
People come and go endlessly
Few have heard Master’s sweet Word
Few have felt His everlasting Love
O how I wish, to become their feet’s dust
Perchance, to meet the One I Love I must

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