Essays I wrote in my Bachelors degree in Philosophy.

Epictetus Reaction

Reading through Epictetus’s Handbook[1] reminds me a lot of reading Eastern philosophies which suggest a detachment from all things in life and an attempt to master those things within one’s control while letting go of those that one cannot.  For the most part, I tend to have a problem with such philosophies because they are … Continue reading »

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Epicureanism vs. Stoicism

Epicureanism and Stoicism are two schools of philosophy that flourished during the Hellenistic period.  One of the reasons for this flourishing can be attributed to the way the two philosophies spoke to the common person unlike Platonism or Aristotle’s theories before them.  A large part of their ideas focused around knowledge of nature as being … Continue reading »


Co-fatality vs. Lazy Argument

The “lazy argument” is an argument against the deterministic views of the Stoics.  The Stoics believe that all events are pre-determined and that human beings have no real control over what is to be their fate.  The “lazy argument” suggests that if such a view is held, a person does not need to do anything … Continue reading »

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But what about the Sea Star?

In De Anima Aristotle explicates a conception of the soul in which “the soul is neither a material part of an animal, nor some immaterial thing capable of existing in separation from the body” (AGP 652).  Aristotle’s theory attempts to both resist and steer a middle ground between some materialistic Presocratic theories and the Platonic … Continue reading »

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In the introduction to Heraclitus in the AGP textbook, it mentions Heraclitus ideas on the divine law, as something that is the unifying thing in everything. Several of his fragments elaborate on this idea of a divine law, or logos, which “rules and guides the cosmos” (24).  His major assertion about the logos is that while … Continue reading »

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