Real or Unreal?

Posted by on April 16, 2013

So much craziness shortly after Vaisakhi. A time for celebration of life is clouded by inhumanity.

Insane bomb blasts in Boston. No human explanation possible for why someone would kill or harm innocent people. Subsequently, racism and ignorance in America makes its appearance again. Newspapers rushing to decide it was a middle-eastern person. Twitter flooded by hateful comments, with some people intent on killing every “towel head”, “Arab”, or “Korean” in retaliation. And, of course, an airplane is grounded and two people are escorted off the plane because they were speaking Arabic.

In India: A convicted mass murderer of Sikhs is pardoned. Meanwhile, a mentally ill Sikh man is about to be hung for conspiracy charges, on seriously questionable legal grounds. And the majority of Indians on the internet seem to have no qualms with this double standard of law. With some moron even commenting that do Sikhs need another Operation Blue Star?

Wish someone would slap me awake, and tell me all of this was just a sick joke. None of it ever happened. None of it was real.

I am really starting to understand why some people rushed to call this world an illusion and unreal; some chose to run off and live in jungles and mountains away from society. The reality of human society is so far-gone dark, its much easier to tell oneself its not real. The little bit of light flickering in you really makes you want to run away from the darkness.

But where to run now? Where to hide? Welcome to the clusterfuck of globalization. Turn on the news and welcome yourself to a platter of all that is wrong with this world. Best of all, its a buffet that never closes, never runs out. Turn it on again the next day, and there will be something new on the menu. And the wonderful cooks will prepare you the tastiest new dish they could conjure with the newest ingredients they discovered.

Got to convince yourself its not all so dark. Find the little bits of light in small acts and convince yourself that with all the small acts of light, the darkness can be dispelled. For thinking people, living contentedly is hard work.

2 Responses to Real or Unreal?

  1. Kaur

    I have been reading bit about Professor Bhullar and it breaks my heart to think that after 20+ year of solitary confinement, even with man losing his sanity and physical well being, GOI still wants to hang him? I am also angry at the Sikhs asking him to be pardoned from death penalty and instead give him life imprisonment? Really, I don’t think life imprisonment is any better when you are rottening in Indian jail system. Honestly, I do think when someone said world is going to end, it physically has still not evaporated from the universe but from spiritual sense it really has ended. I feel sad, angry mostly at myself and others. The other reason that really makes me angry is stupid Internet. Everything on there sucks! It really does makes us empty, $$ing liking people’s picture and saving Panjab one marathon at a time.

  2. Sikh

    The world is not as dark as you feel it is. Listen to Japuji Katha here and it will clear your mind

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